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What’s the pollen count in St. Louis today?

Type your zip code above to see today’s pollen count in St. Louis! Our Pollen Pal tool will show you when pollen levels are at their worst, so you can avoid allergies.

Pollen forecast for St. Louis

Check out the pollen forecast in St. Louis for the next few days. A low pollen count means you can play softball, baseball or soccer on the fields at Carondelet Park or going fishing or playing disc golf at Creve Coeur Park without worrying about allergies. If a pollen count is high, pack Kleenex On-the-Go, so you can stay prepared for allergies, wherever you are.

Pollen hotspots in St. Louis

During February, March and April, pollen counts can rise higher than the rent of a downtown studio. Then, pollen counts drop significantly in May and remain at lower levels through the rest of the year—even during a small increase in August, September and October, when pollen from weeds slightly raises the pollen count, and January, when tree pollen raises the pollen count a bit as well. Although pollinators are extremely productive for only a few months during the year, you might want to steer clear of parks and grassy areas during those months if you want to keep seasonal allergies at bay. That’s why we put together a list of some seasonal-allergy-friendly activities that help you avoid pollen.


Allergy friendly activities in St. Louis

Whether you’re visiting the Gateway Arch or touring the Pulitzer Arts Foundation, St. Louis has a ton of indoor venues for you to explore away from pollen, so you can get the most out of the city during allergy season.

St. Louis Food

The St. Louis food scene is one of the best ways to avoid pollen during allergy season. Indoor dining means you can discover new restaurants away from pollen, so you can share a meal or try something new without the sniffles.

Live Music in St. Louis

From concerts with contemporary music at Enterprise Center to opera at the Opera Theatre of St. Louis to symphonic music at St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, St. Louis has plenty of indoor music venues that offer performances so incredible, you may not even remember that it’s a day with a high pollen count.

Shopping St. Louis

St. Louis has some truly wonderful places to shop. Discover unique apparel, beautiful jewelry and other thoughtful gifts inside St. Louis stores while you take a break from the pollen outside.

** Kimberly-Clark and the Kleenex® Brand have no association, nor affiliation with the entities described in this newsletter. All “hot spots” are provided for informational purposes only.**

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