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What’s the pollen count in Seattle today?

Type your zip code above to see today’s pollen count in Seattle! Our Pollen Pal tool will show you when pollen levels are at their worst, so you can avoid allergies.

Pollen forecast for Seattle

Check out the pollen forecast in Seattle for the next few days. On a day with a low pollen count, hiking plans can run as smoothly as a ride on the Monorail. When pollen counts are higher than the Space Needle, pack Kleenex On-the-Go, so you can stay prepared for allergies, wherever you are.

Pollen hotspots in Seattle

Seattle is called "The Emerald City" for a reason. Lots of beautiful greenspaces can mean a lot of pollen, and from February through May, tree pollen sends the pollen count soaring higher than a seaplane. From June through December, pollen counts are low until they begin to rise, like the price of a house in Dunlap, in January. As much as we love trails through lush trees and exploring sea cliffs near forests, if you want to keep seasonal allergies at bay during months with a high pollen count, you might want to steer clear of parks and grassy areas. But we know it can be tough to skip the stunning forest views that Seattle has to offer, so we put together a list of activities that can help you get the most out of the Seattle during allergy season.


Allergy friendly activities in Seattle

Looking for a few ways to have fun in Seattle during allergy season? Lucky for you the Seattle has plenty of outstanding things to do away from pesky pollinators.

Seattle Food

Seattle’s food scene is fresh, like produce-right-from-the-farmer-at-Pike-Place-Market-fresh. Plus, Seattle offers a ton of outstanding restaurants that feature indoor seating, so you can discover a great place for your next social outing while you’re avoiding pollen.

The Outdoors, Indoors

There may be high amounts of pollen outdoors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn more about nature. Seattle has a number of indoor venues that you can visit to learn about underwater creatures, plants, outer space and more.

Seattle Sports

Seattle is a sports town, and that means a lot of games that can take your mind off of a high pollen count. Watch an exciting Seattle Mariners baseball game at T-Mobile Park, Seattle Seahawks football game at and Sounders FC soccer game at Lumen Field.

** Kimberly-Clark and the Kleenex® Brand have no association, nor affiliation with the entities described in this newsletter. All “hot spots” are provided for informational purposes only.** 

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