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From cold and flu season to seasonal allergies, we're here to help you with life's ups and downs. Our resources provides you with helpful information, resources, and tips for your daily hygiene needs.

lady with a cold working from home to prevent spreading

Cold & Flu

Feeling under the weather? Learn how you can find comfort and relief so you can be on your way to feeling like yourself again.

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girl sneezing outside due to allergies


Whether it's pollen in the air or dust in your home, dealing with allergies can be an everyday struggle for some. Learn how Kleenex® brand facial tissues can help manage your symptoms.

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teacher helping children learn about arts & crafts

Arts & Crafts

Get crafty by turning Kleenex® brand facial tissue boxes into fun and practical décor for your home. These fun projects are great for kids!

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a home all ready for back to school

Back to School

New school years are exciting for kids and parents. Learn how Kleenex® brand tissues has you covered when your child starts heading back to the classroom.

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Home Hygiene

We know when life gets hectic, your home is your oasis. Learn tips and tricks on how to make your home more inviting and hygienic for all seasons.

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