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DIY Tissue Arts & Crafts

DIY Kleenex tissue box craft ideas for kids Art and Craft

Cool Ways to Reuse Empty Kleenex® Tissue Boxes

Check out step-by-step tissue box craft tutorial to turn empty Kleenex® tissue boxes into terrific DIY art & craft projects for kids.

DIY desk organizer made of empty Kleenex tissue boxes Art and Craft

Upcycled DIY Desk Organizer Made with Empty Tissue Boxes

Don’t just throw your empty Kleenex® tissue boxes away! Instead, turn them into a fun and practical desk organizer with this step-by-step DIY tutorial.

DIY how to make tissue paper flowers with Kleenex Art and Craft

How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers

Learn how to make tissue paper flowers out of Kleenex® tissues in minutes with this easy step-by-step DIY tutorial.

How to make Kleenex tissue box covers Art and Craft

How to make DIY Kleenex Tissue Box Covers

Want to add some personalization to your Kleenex® tissue boxes that match your home décor? Learn how to make custom box covers inside.