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Guides to Surviving Allergy Season

Tree pollen allergy season in Canada Allergies

A Guide to Tree Pollen Allergies in Canada

Read our Canadian tree pollen guide to learn everything you need to know about pollen types, related symptoms, relief and more.

Tips to survive winter allergies Allergies

Understanding Winter Allergies: Everything you need to know

Learn everything about winter allergies, the common triggers and how Kleenex® Soothing Lotion™ tissues can help soothe the symptoms!

Pollen Trees Allergies

The Pollen Calendar

Wondering which pollens peak each month? Check our pollen calendar to find out when pollens are most present throughout the year!

Different types of pollen allergies Allergies

Types of Pollen

There are many different types of pollen present in Canada. Find out when tree, grass and weed pollen peak and how to identify them?

A girl enjoying picnic during hay fever allergy season Allergies

Hay Fever Symptoms and Signs

Hay fever symptoms vary from sneezes & coughs to headaches and is often confused with cold. Learn how to spot the signs of hay fever!