We are thrilled to announce that consumers have ranked Kleenex® Brand as one of the top ten most trusted brands in Canada, and the number one most trusted brand in Personal and Beauty Care according to the Gustavson Brand Trust Index.

“Our study collects responses from 7,800 Canadians to assess consumer levels of brand trust and consumer advocacy. We find that brand trust is closely linked to the likelihood to recommend a brand to family and friends,” says Dr. Saul Klein, dean of the Gustavson School of Business. For a brand to be trusted, it must ensure the quality of its products and the reliability of its supply chain.

“Since 2016, Kleenex® has ranked exceptionally high in terms of word-of-mouth, reflecting the fact that the brand name has become a generic label for similar products. This year, the brand continued its success on the consumer advocacy front and also placed ninth in the top ten most trusted brands overall, and first in the Personal & Beauty Care category.”

It’s an honour to gain the trust of Canadians and we’ll continue to do what we can to give you confidence that a superior product will be there to help you thrive today, and every day.