Kleenex Xperiments

How do you Shield Sneeze Swish*?

It’s simple. Your kids just need to practice a few moves and keep thick & absorbent Kleenex® Everyday Tissue within easy reach.


When it's time to let that sneeze out, the trick is to be prepared by having Kleenex® Brand tissue close by. Check out our Everyday Tissues and choose your box so you and your family can be ready to for sneezes anywhere they happen!

Girl holding Kleenex tissue and box
Girl sneezing into kleenex tissue


Ah…Ah…Ah…CHOO! Only Kleenex® Everyday Tissue is thick and absorbent to help keep the wet stuff off kids' hands. Back to School is the perfect time to stock up, so get a coupon here!

Boy disposing of tissue in garbage can


A good swish requires concentration, coordination and a little flair! Swish your tissues into the trash to help keep stuff off hands! Swish with a thick and absorbent tissue.

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